Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Conquering an NPC level 8 city

Here is my tested way of conquering a Lvl8 NPC efficiently:

Pre-requisites (must haves):
  • Military Tradition at level 8 or better (level 10 preferred)
  • Iron Working at level 8 or better (level 10 preferred)
  • Medicine at level 8 or better (level 10 preferred)
  • Feasting Hall at level 8 or better (level 10 preferred)
  • Rally Spot at level 8 or better (level 10 preferred)
  • An NPC level 8 within a 4 minute marching distance
  • 7 (or more) Heroes with 150+ attack
  • Approximately 250K warriors (or more)
  • 80K archers (or more)
  • 10 scouts
  • a FREE city slot
Firstly, scout the city to be conquered with your scouts, until you get a defending hero of level 9 or less (level 1 being the best, to your lower casualties).

If you have penicillin, corselet or warhorn (or even better, all three), apply them. These will also lower your losses, but are not a necessity.
Attack the NPC using your best attack hero and: 15K warriors and the rest filled with archers (65K or more).
...wait 15-30secs...
Then attack with a full compliment of warriors (80K or more). This should clear all defences
Continue... by sending waves of 10K warriors and 10K archers every 90 seconds (or less), until the NPC's loyalty reaches zero and the city becomes yours.

As you can see from this screenshot, there are a few ways to achieve a victory report (1st attempt):

(click to enlarge)

Notice the total losses... not that many!!! This is a good indication for the number of troops to send in your next wave(s).